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Seven Course Menu

Seven Course Menu

"Telur Balado" Devilled Egg - First Course

Devilled Egg with Pickled Chilies & Sambal Powder

Gado Gado - Second Course

Beef Sate - Third Course

Skewered Beef with Rice Cake & Peanut Sauce

Tinutuan - Fourth Course

Vegetable Porridge with Squash, Taro, & Spinach

Cod Dabu Dabu - Fifth Course

Cod Fish with Crispy Crackers & Greens

Beef Rendang - Sixth Course

Slow-cooked Beef Cheeks with Fragrant Rice & Pickled Vegetables

Lapis Legit by Lapis 312 - Seventh Course

Assorted Indonesian Cookies with Peanuts & Durian Flavor