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Press Praise: Minahasa's Culinary Acclaim

Explore the buzz surrounding Minahasa! Discover why critics are raving about our authentic Indonesian cuisine and vibrant culinary experiences. From glowing reviews in top publications to accolades from food enthusiasts, find out what makes Minahasa a must-visit destination for foodies in Chicago and beyond.

Chicago Eater

Growing up around Chicago’s original Six Corners, in Portage Park, chef John Avila remembers feeling a sting of embarrassment upon opening his lunchbox at school on the Northwest Side. It’s an experience all-too familiar for many first-generation Americans.

“Like every other kid growing up in a cultural family, kids at school make fun of you,” Avila says, recounting the lovingly-made meals his mother Betty packed for him. Keep Reading! 

Chicago Reader

John Avila’s mom and grandma tried to “sneak” some tikus rica rica into his bowl when he visited their hometown in the mountains of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, a few years back.

That’s a spicy field-rat stir-fry, and the chef, on a travel break from the line at the Duck Inn, wasn’t fooled.

“It’s a little too freaky for me,” says Avila, who recently launched an Indonesian meal delivery service based on his mother Betty’s recipes. “The bone structure gives it away.” Keep Reading! 

Chicago Magazine

 John Avila is far from the first chef to realize that restaurant training plus Mom’s recipes equals dining gold. But he’s actually including Mom in his venture. At Minahasa in Revival Food Hall, you’re likely to spot the former Gibsons Italia chef and his mother, Betty, overseeing a trim, curated menu of Indonesian home cooking. Keep Reading! 

Chicago Tribune